Flight Crew

Official Squad Photos
Frontiers of Flight Museum
Love Field Dallas
Erica Santos, Megan Patterson, Maygon Waldrip, Chelsi Patterson, Jennifer Nickerson,           
           Heather Patterson, Michelle Hunter, Kelli Talley, and Stephanie Harris
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The Crew

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Celebrity and Event Gallery
USA Flight Crew serves as Greeters during the Living
Legends of Aviation event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel  
January 22, 2010 Benefiting the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy
Sponsored by Bombardier LearJet, Porsche, Qantas,   
  Red Bull Air Race, Breitling, Motoart, and more
See the Living Legends of Aviation
Event Photos on this page.
          Photos Include

Legend John Travolta with the USA
Flight Crew: Erica, Kelli, Michelle,
and Stephanie

Living Legends of Aviation
Mrs. Lips  (Special Thanks to the
Lips Family)

USA Flight Crew arriving on the
Red Carpet

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

Mr. and Mrs. Buzz Aldrin

Tom Skerritt (Top Gun)

Buzz, John and Tom Cruise

Tom, Bob Hoover, Buzz, John

Joan with Beverly Hills Porsche

Tom Cruise Honored