USA Flight Crew
The USA Flight Crew is a family friendly
entertainment and promotional team of
beautiful, talented, professional and
educated women supporting general
aviation, the airline industry and
military around the USA and abroad.  
The squad is the first and most elite
group of its kind to grace the sidelines
of aviation, raising the bar by
representing the most prestigious
sport in the world at Air Shows, Aviation
Conventions & Trade Shows, including
televised appearances and
performances as well as private and
charitable events around the country.
This talented group of ladies are
experienced cheerleaders, dancers
and vocalists, and are selected each
year by application and
invitation only.  
They have obtained
various degrees in: Psychology,
Communications, Business, Biology,
English, Nursing, Education, etc.  Many
have aviation related backgrounds and
participate in numerous flying events
throughout the year and give back to
their communities by volunteering for
various charitable organizations.

To schedule the crew for your event, click
on the Contact Us page.
Isaiah 40.31
"They will soar on wings like eagles; they will
run and not grow weary, they will walk and
not be faint."