USA Flight Crew
The USA Flight Crew was created and founded by Jeanni Talley.  In  2009, the USA Flight Crew
made their debut at The Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show,  being the FIRST Family Friendly Entertainment
and Promotions group of its kind to grace the sidelines of aviation.  
These classy, educated ladies bring a whole new support level to aviation.

The flight crew members have proven academic and leadership skills and are pillars in their
communities and respected callings.
The majority of the team grew up around the world of Aviation from attending Air Shows in their
strollers, to handing aircraft tools to their A&P dads as well as being daddy's little Co-Pilot since
they were born.  The squad includes experienced dancers, cheerleaders, and vocalists.

Our Uniforms
The Flight Crew members step back in time dawning professional flight attendant uniforms dating
back to the 60's and 70's as a tribute to those whom have dedicated many years serving the flying
Other uniforms include a swing back to the 1940's -1950's era as the crew pays homage to the
vintage bomber style uniform similar to the ones worn by the pilots of yesteryear and another unique
uniform design in camo worn in honor of the military.

Our Mission

The goal of the USAFC is to bring more awareness to the public about the importance of aviation
and its significant contribution to the national economy across the globe. With aviation being a
backbone to our nation and such a vital form of transportation, it is a forefront to our mail delivery,
shipping, our food and apparel transport, our medical, military and defense system, space
exploration, etc. The value of the economic activity generated by the operation of our local airports
are an asset to our businesses and commerce.  Your local airport is a front door to your community.

The crew volunteer for various charitable organizations each year to help raise funds and provide
necessary items to those in need in the U.S. and abroad.  
Through their endeavors, the team members hope to inspire and encourage others to "reach for the

The very beautiful and talented USA Flight Crew will be on hand at numerous events handing out
promotional items, promoting the world of aviation and support for local communities as well as
providing quality family entertainment around the world.